Hard to believe, but these counters, which look like counters, aren't really counters. These are actually desktop hutches that had been collecting dust in a Habitat for Humanity store.
This is our cool garden bench. It's originally from Silvertown, AL, but we found it in Franklin at a Habitat for Humanity Store.
These stained glass windows were saved from an old Nashville church. Once we discovered these, the shop "vision" was born!.
This is our toy wall. The columns and back boards came from an old mansion in Lebanon, TN. The old tongue & groove  boards were in bad shape when we found them, but were beautiful once we cleaned and sanded them.
This authentic park bench was discovered in a Habitat for Humanity store – we lucked upon it right after it arrived.
We built these  “old general store” shelves in the back of the store  from discarded pallets that we discovered in an East  Nashville alley.
This is our “fish bench” that we came across  at the Nashville flea market – it’s made with reused wood, but we aren’t exactly sure where the fish came from.
This was the first item we made for the shoppe. This "dog house" started out as  discarded shelves that we discovered in a yard on 14th street with a “free” sign on them. 

       The shoppe is truly one of a kind!!!  We've worked hard to ensure that your experience at Wags and Whiskers will be fun and unique The shoppe was designed in the true East Nashville spirit.  Practically all décor was created from discarded and reused items, along with a lot of sweat and hard work.  But we think it was all worth it – below are a few of the things that make for a unique experience at Wags and Whiskers.

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